Sanas Calibration Laboratory
SANAS Calibration for Loadcell Manufacturing Route Calibration
The SANAS schedule of accreditation is granted to a laboratory as a third party independant assesment of the laboratory's capability.

The Laboratory must perform against a schedule inclusive of: Parameters, Ranges and Calibration measurement capability within which the laboratory can operate.

Route has maintained the SANAS calibration laboratory accreditation ISO SANS 17025:2005 since 2000. Laboratory Number: 1422 Comprising of all weighing instruments and mass pieces.

Sanas Verification Laboratory (Legal Metrology)
SANAS Verification Logo for Loadcell Manufacturing Route calibration
Verification laboratories are used to help industry comply with relevant regulations set out in the requirements of Trade Metrology act (Act 77 of 1973).

Responsibilities of verification laboratories are as follows: Verifying all instruments as per the laboratoy's scope of accreditation, Ensuring that accreditation and approval conditions are upheld at all times and protecting their independance and integrity at all times.

Route has maintained the SANAS verification laboratory accreditation since 1997. ISO SANS 10378:2012 Laboratory Number 0173. SANS 1649:2014 and SANS 1697:2007.

South African Council of the Scale industry
SACS Logo for Route Calibration

ROUTE has been a member since S.A.C.S started up in 2014. Involed in the LMB process, and Commited to make the LMB work together with the NRCS and other Roleplayers, Assisting in getting Regulations properly setup, involved with the advisory forum of the NRCS. Commited to propper training and LMB concept. Image creation for both VO's and inspectors. Compliance to OIML approvals. At ROUTE we pride ourselves in being custodians of fair measure.

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National Laboratory Association - South Africa
National Laboratory Association
ROUTE has been a member of the National Laboratory Association since 2012

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