RULP (ROUTE Universal Low ProfileLoadcell)
RULP uniform Load Platform loadcell
  • Capacities : 1000 kg to 300 000 kg
  • Applications including: Cranes, platform scales, hoppers, silos, tanks and batching systems
  • High grade tool steel and painted for protection
  • Hermetically sealed to meet IP 68 standards
  • Compact design
  • Inherently more resistant to bending, off-centre loading and side load effects
  • Robust and effective solution for industrial weighing systems
  • Click here for the full performance and dimensional specification sheet
RSS (ROUTE S-Type Loadcell)
RSS S type loadcell picture
RMSB (ROUTE mini-shear beam)
Route RMSB loadcell made by loadcell manufacturing and loadcell systems
RBB (ROUTE bending beaml)
Route RBB loadcell from route calibration loadcell systems and loadcell manufacturing
RCB (ROUTE cantilever beam)
Route RCB loadcell from loadcell systems Route calibration an loadcell manufacturing
Route Calibration's RPAC loadcell manufactured by loadcell manufacturing and services and loadcell systems
ROUTE Double Shear Beam Loadcell
Route Double shear beam loadcell made by loadcell manufacturing and services