Loadcells from Route Calibration
  • At ROUTE we have an incredibly wide varienty of standard loadcells that can meet any industrial requirement for metrology or automation.
  • Capacities range from 50kg through to 300 ton, accross a wide range of compressive, tensile, and shear type loadcells.
  • Should your requirement include non standard loadcells, we will be happy to design the best solution for your needs.
  • View more detailed information of our loadcell products HERE
Indicators from Route Calibration
Mass Pieces
Stainless Steel Masspieces from Route Calibration
  • ROUTE has a selection of test weights
  • Complies to OIML standards
  • Variety of capacties ranging from 1mg to 1.5 Tonne
  • View more detailed information of our mass pieces HERE
Weighbridge Route Calibration Services
  • We have been installing, maintaining, calibrating and verifying weighbridges since 1972.
  • Our engineering and technical team will be able to solve any problem you might have with regards to the installation and maintenance of any weighbridge.
Weigh Pads
More information coming soon
Crane Scales
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In Motion Rail Weighing
More information coming soon
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