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Route Calibration Calirating stainless steel masspiece
  • ROUTE's mass calibrations are SANAS accredited for both weighing instruments and mass pieces.
  • Our scope for weighing instruments is from 1 milligram to 80 tonne.
  • Our Scope for mass pieces is from 1 milligram to 1.5 tonne.
  • ROUTE's force calibrations are traceable to national and international standards.
  • Our force calibration scope is from 1 kilogram to 300 Tonne.
Repair being done at Route calibration
  • At ROUTE we are able to repair any type of loadcell throughout the mass spectrum.
  • ROUTE has a team of highly skilled techicians and engineers that perform repairs on-site to large scale mass systems, and perform routine maintenance to minimse plant down time.
-- view our schedule of accreditation here --
Route Calibration verifying a weighbridge
  • Route is accredited for verification from 1kg to 80 tonne.
  • Verifications are held according to SANAS 10378:2012 legal metrology.


  • ROUTE's technical team is able to install all our products with ease as well as equipment made by others. The installation process always involves commisioning. ROUTE's technicians only leave site when the system is 100% operational
System and Product Design
  • ROUTE boasts a team of engineers that can develop turn-key solutions or build orders for indsutry.
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